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Friday, 7 October 2011

Baking Healthy Cakes

These days the campaign for healthy living has increased and people are more health conscious.Almost every one seems to have reasons for avoiding high cholesterol.It could be that they want to become skinny, remain skinny,could be doctor's orders or they are being compelled by one disease or the other.Others live in fear of diseases that a loved one has suffered from or a history in their family. Let's not forget the dreaded cancer which seems to thrive on high cholesterol.These are all good reasons for wanting to eat right. Healthy eating can not be over emphasized.

So what happens when you get this craving for something sweet? I strongly believe that you do not have to eat tasteless things because you want to eat healthy.I for one see my self as one with taste buds that you could call sensitive.I can not even pretend to eat food that has "sub standard taste". I think all one needs to have his cake and eat it is to be creative.You have to work around it.Do a research and find out food ingredients that are very good for the health and amongst them you will find ingredients you can substitute for unhealthy ones.

Let us use this my recipe as an example.This is a cake that can be consumed by slimmers,diabetics and what have you:


      whole wheat                 -   2 cups
      olive oil                        -   1/2 cup

      honey                          -    1/2 cup

      egg whites                   -     from 3 eggs

      bananas                      -     5 fingers                  

      groundnuts/peanuts     -      1/2 cup

      baking powder           -       2 level teaspoon

      lemon/orange              -       1 whole

      cinnamon                    -       1/2 teaspoon   

      unsweetened milk        -      1/2 cup 

 If you are familiar with baking, you will notice the law of substitution at work here.The "unhealthy" has been replaced with ingredients that will have the doctors' approval.Let us go over the health value of the ingredients together :

1.Whole wheat : In its natural state,it is loaded with vitamins and dietary fiber.It improves your metabolism and is especially good for slimmers and diabetics.It also helps in the war against cancer.

2.Olive oil : This one is also loaded with vitamins.It is cholesterol free and also reduces cholesterol and blood glucose(nice one for diabetics!)Good for your bones and circulatory system and ultimately your heart.Olive oil contains essential unsaturated fatty acids.It works wonders on your skin and your eyes.It also contains antioxidants that prevent diseases like cancer and stroke.And good news for slimmers,olive oil reduces hunger pangs and maintains weight loss!

3. Honey : The benefits are so immense! We cannot exhaust them,but we will name a few. Every vitamin is present in honey and that makes it a powerful immune booster.It is good for every area of your health.Fights cancer, heart diseases etc.

4. Egg whites : Most of the cholesterol in an egg is in the yolk, while the white contains the protein.You eliminate cholesterol and increase your protein intake by substituting egg yolks for more egg whites.

5. Bananas : Because of its high potassium content,bananas fight and prevent the following : heart attacks,stroke,infections,high blood pressure,mental depression,ulcer,and even cancer.

6. Peanuts : A lot of vitamins and minerals are present in this one.It also contains the kind of fat that cleans out the system if you do not consume too much of it.It is also a rich source of antioxidants which fight cancer and other heart diseases.

7.Baking powder : Now this one is a bit tricky.Baking powder contains sodium and though it is essential,it poses a lot of health risk when you cross the maximum level your body can take.My suggestion is reduce other means of sodium in the preparation,for instance,avoid salt in this particular recipe and use unsalted butter.You could also buy sodium free baking powder or leavening.

8. Lemon and orange : These have high vitamin content and are serious immune boosters.The rinds have very powerful flavors that are very therapeutic and may reduce cholesterol. Lemon juice on its own is a fat burner too.  

9. Cinnamon : This is another ingredient that is so loaded with benefits.It burns builds immunity.It fights diseases like diabetes,heart diseases,arthritis,obesity etc.The flavor is also very therapeutic.

10.Unsweetened milk : This is loaded with calcium,vitamin D,phosphorus and other nutrients that help your bones, teeth,blood vessels and muscles function properly.

Now that we have gotten acquainted with our ingredients and we are rest assured that it is very safe and in fact healthy,let's bake them !

 One of the reasons I love this kind of cake is because they are easy to prepare.First, roast your peanuts(if they are not already),chop them and set aside then heat your oven to 180C.Grease your baking pan and blend the bananas.Now mix all the dry ingredients together(except the peanuts),make a well in the middle and pour in the wet ingredients.Mix gently and thoroughly.Do not over mix.Scoop mixture into your greased baking pan and shove into the oven.Bake for twenty to twenty five minutes.Twenty minutes after the cake has gone in,bring it out of the oven and sprinkle your chopped peanuts on it and shove it back into the oven.The cake is ready for consumption when a fork or pen knife dipped in comes out clean.Dessert is served!

I know you will enjoy making and eating this cake .You can always modify it to suit you. Let us know how it went.Have the cream of the cream this weekend!


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