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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My First Decorated Cake

I had always wanted to ice a cake all by myself.Every time I saw a beautiful cake on display in a cake shop or fast food joint,I was sure to move towards it to admire it close up( I still do that),then I try to imagine how I would have designed it if I were the one.I used to ice a lot of cakes in my imagination.

This story will not be complete if I do not mention that a friend and neighbor then,Ronke Apampa,thought me how to ice with butter.She would bake surprise cakes for her friends' birthdays and I would watch her ice with so much ease(butter icing seems much easier than the other types of icing),so I knew she was my key to icing cakes in reality.I baked a cake for a friend's birthday and asked her to come over to the house and help me ice it while I watched so that I could learn.I watched her mix the icing with the butter,and then mix a part of this mixture with blue to get green(remember blue+yellow = green?). She covered the cake with plain cream and piped lovely things with the green cream all around the cake.After watching her closely, I knew I was good to go.The time for my personally iced cake with my own signature had come.

I still remember it like yesterday.That was the day that I knew that I and cakes have a long way to go.I can not remember the first cake I baked my self because from a very young age,we all had to help my mum out with baking.She is a caterer and whenever she gets an order or a contract,she makes us her 'unpaid' assistants,so we baked so many cakes at home back then that I do not recall which was the first,but the picture of my first iced cake is still very clear in my mind.

It was butter cream icing and I used red food coloring to get some of the cream  to become orange in color(Remember,red+ yellow= orange?)The color of the background was the original butter cream of the frosting,then I piped my orange cream around the borders with a star nozzle.It looked like a cute orange flower bed around the cake.I piped dots of the plain uncolored butter cream on top of them with the writing tip then I used the orange colored cream and the writing tip to inscribe the 'Happy Birthday Ime' on it.In my eyes back then,it was the most beautiful cake I had ever seen.Every one ooohed and ahhhhhed over it and I gave myself thumbs up. I have always wished I took a snapshot of the cake for proof and not memory because I am not about to forget.

I hope I have been able to paint a clear picture of my premiere performance for you? Good,so we will not be needing snap shots.
Never baked or iced a cake before? Start planning towards doing that from to day.The cream of the cream is yours! Catch ya later.


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