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Thursday, 22 September 2011

12 Strategies For Making A Fantastic Fruit Cake

 Here I just want to share some of the ways I have used over time to improve the quality of my fruit cake:

1. Soak you dried fruits in alcohol at lest twenty four hours before you bake.I prefer brandy as my alcohol because I noticed that some other liquor might dry the cake.

2. I know most people will say you should bake a fruit cake  with just enough batter to hold your nuts and fruits together,but I think it tastes more like a fruit and nut bar.If you want that yummy,moist taste and texture,you should use plenty of fruits and nuts but not too much of it.

3. Never underestimate the power of lemon and orange rinds.Also add some of their juice while you are at it.

4. When folding in your flour,use a metal spoon not a wooden one.Please note this.

5. Bake  at very low temperature.Make sure it is lower than 300 degrees.

6. Leave a bowl of water on the floor of the oven to avoid the cake drying up.

7.Cover the top of the pan with aluminum foil if you think the heat is much.

8. Instead of buying processed cinnamon and nutmeg,buy the fresh one.

9 Use evaporated or liquid milk instead of the dry one.

10. Add a little cocoa powder.

11. Do not add too much browning so that the cake those not look black.It should have a rich chocolate brown color.

12. Store your cake after you bake.Fruit cake gets better with age,like fine wine. If you want to store it ,be sure to wrap it  in plastic and store in a freezer. Note: Do not store in the fridge,it dries it up with time.

Hope you've found these tips helpful? Please let us know.You can also share your own tips and experience with us.Have the cream of the cream !


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