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Cake and dessert Recipes

Hello friends!

This is where we get to talk about recipes .I will share those that have been passed down to me by my mum,my mother in-law and close friends. There are also some that I got from the internet,from magazines,from TV shows and so on.I would also like you to share any of your favorite recipes whenever you feel like it.

This is one of my mum's cake recipes:

(In the order of their entrance  into the mixing bowl)

sugar                        -  200g

butter or margarine   -   250g

eggs                         -   8(big)

flour                         -   500g

nutmeg                     -   1 teaspoon

milk                          -   1/2 a tin of unsweetened evaporated milk

baking powder         -   1  leveled teaspoon

salt                          -    1/2 of a leveled teaspoon

caramel (optional)

flavor                      -  1 teaspoon of your choice flavor

raisins                      -  2 table spoons


My mum likes to start by breaking her eggs and storing in the refrigerator first. She says the cold in the eggs will give the cake a lovely texture. Then she would wash the pans,dry them very well, grease and keep aside.Now, you can cream the butter and sugar till light and fluffy .Make sure you do not change the direction your hand goes if you are doing it manually with a wooden ladle.Bring the eggs from the refrigerator and beat thoroughly.Pour gently into the sugar and butter cream to avoid adding broken egg shells that might have fallen in while you were breaking them.Sieve the flour into the mixture gradually and fold in.Add the nutmeg, the milk and the baking powder.Before you add salt,put into consideration the type of butter or margarine you used.If it is salted,then you might want to add the salt a little at a time then taste or you could probably skip it entirely.Now add you caramel(my mum used to make it herself,i should probably post the recipe for that soon). Just add enough to give the batter a golden hue.Now last but not the least,add your flavor.My mum says adding the flavor at the end ensures it retains its strong aroma.Its okay to taste your mixture before you bake it gives you an idea of what to expect.Pour your glorious batter into the greased pan and stick the raisin into the batter(just a gentle push so they do not disappear) then keep  aside while you turn on the oven to about 180C and leave for about ten to fifteen minutes.(My mum says the time the batter spends in the pan before it goes into the oven does it good so do not miss that one)You can now shove it into the oven and let it bake. Please do not open the oven again to check on it till after twenty minutes so that the cake does not 'fall'. Bring out from the oven when your pen-knife or tooth pick comes out clean after you deep it in.
Now this is lovely! I can almost see it.

PS: feel free to ask questions if you need to


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