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Friday, 2 March 2012


Just like most people,I like cupcakes that are moist and spongy.I also like them to taste more milky than sugary.
It is a plus when they have filling in them.I like my filling nutty or chocolatey.I also prefer their shape when they are baked in muffin pans instead of individual cups.This is one of the trays of cup cakes I made this week.

 When I am going to eat them iced,I like them with butter cream that has lots of milk or choco or both and vanilla flavour.

These are some of the cupcakes I iced with butter cream.

For the toppings,I like to have nuts,candy,chocolate, cookies and fresh fruit instead of fondant or royal icing cupcake toppers,but I love the sight of lovely fondant and royal icing toppers though I won't enjoy eating them.It is always a charming sight.I made some of such toppers for the cupcakes above:

Fondant polka dot bows.

Some cute buttons etc...

This is how some of them look with the toppings:

Why not fix that craving today with a box of six cupcakes for just a thousand naira? Order now!

Boxes of cupcakes ready to go



  I have been baking a lot of cupcakes lately.They are not the love of my baking life yet but I really like them.Who wouldn't !They are so cute and easy on the eyes,hands and mouth.Its also easier to watch your cake intake level with them.When you eat up to two cup cakes,you know it is time to let go as opposed to going for one slice after the other of a big cake till you loose count.They seem to be in vogue.Everyone is raving about them ,even in high places e.g the White House.Obama seems to give out more cupcakes lately.

  Obama gives cupcakes to his Vice President Biden on his birthday.

 Cupcakes for Helen Thomas of White House Press Corp on her 89th birthday.

  Cupcakes where also used for Obama's campaign

 One thousand two hundred and forty cupcakes assembled to make a portrait of Obama.

Now lets move on to the latest cupcake breaking news! I am still trying to digest the reality of it.We now have the world's first 24-hr cupcake ATM !!!

Are cupcakes taking over the world or what! Click link to watch it on the news.


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